Culver City Proposal

“Spectral Intersection” is a proposed two-story installation

composed of five, lightweight metal planar surfaces to anchor upon an existing structural façade of a

building. Three of the surfaces are a polished, mirrored stainless steel veneer, and the other two powder-coated metal planes would receive video projection.

The animations projected on two surfaces would derive from renderings of the immediate surroundings, allowing for the coexistence of physical structure and virtual element. The mirrored planes simultaneously reflect the

outer environs into the structure along with fragments of

the projections, resulting in a blurring of boundary

between actual and digital realities. The projections

serve as an access point to a higher order of space,

creating a meta-like spatial experience for viewers in

relation to the mirrored planes grounding them to the

material world.

“Spectral Intersection” offers unique vantage points from

both the second story and ground level, enabling

viewers to have different contact with the installation

from various perspectives.